3 Preparing to ontologate a cat in the household of Ms. Johanna Householder
1 The TVI Mobile Lab
2 Investigating a report of possible reality turbulation in the studio of a distressed Mr. James Blight
4 The ultimascopic Inspector William Davison
5 Vigilant Torpor in a civic afternoon
6 Advancing on City Hall while Zentner and Andreyev record via digital tape and pen and paper respectively
7 Dowsing for reality outside Toronto City Hall with mayoral candidate Tooker Gomberg (in Robin Hood attire)
8 Circumscribing Mayor Mel Lastman’s office with CAUTION tape while wearing a TVI Solarplex Subtle Energy Deviolator Vest after detecting dangerous antireality emissions
9 On call at the University of Toronto: a wildly vibrating ontologator responds to the extraordinary bio-reality field of Ms. Louise Bak
10 Huisken samples the food at a Queen Street West bistro prior to its being ingested by Mr. Ben Patterson and Mr. Paul Couillard
11 Night falls on Supervisor Venright and his itinerant crew of investigators — after a busy and rewarding day of service it’s last call for a reality check!

On Call With the TVI Mobile Reality Inspection Lab

Photos by WA Davison, except for a couple by Dale Zentner and Steve Venright