Sam ‘Sam Andreyev’ Andreyev (top L) Data Analyst & Executive Secretary
WA Davison (top C) Sampler & Principal Field Strategist
Prof. David Eagan (top R) Laserologist & Visionary Driver
S Higgins (out of frame) Dispatcher, Signal Receiver, Remote Controller
Jesse Huisken (bottom L) Phenomenatron Specialist & Onsite Theorist
Steve Venright (bottom C) Crew Synergist, Antinavigator & Chief Technical Operator
Kerry Zentner (bottom R) Videographer & Sensory Transducer



Patented TVI Reality Inspection Devices

Phenomenatron Reality Sampler & Analyser
Ontologator Instrument for detecting reality anomalies in living entities
Inanimascan Instrument for detecting reality anomalies in inanimate objects
Reality Siphon Apparatus which siphons reality (extractions are later analyzed at the TVI headquarters located beneath the Elora Quarry)
Ultimascope Lens for examining the curvature of reality
Vortextant A rotary dowser used to detect regions of impoverished or negative reality