Narchitects design houses in their sleep.

Farmermaids plough underwater fields with their tails.

Surgeontologists use scalpels to examine the nature of Being.

Repopes repossess souls and bless automobiles.

Stratagemologists affect the outcome of wars by the cutting
      of stones.

Prostitutors give private lessons to students aspiring to a degree
      in copulation.

Derangers are paid to go berserk in national parks.

Pachydermatologists examine hides and offer cosmetic tips
      to elephants, rhinos and the like.

Robotanists are automated machines that study plants.

Sculptorpors create three-dimensional works of art while
      nearly comatose.

Footballerinas bash heads and tackle one another in exquisitely
      choreographed, fiercely competitive dances on stadium astroturf.

Accidentists remove your teeth by mistake.

Lexiconjurors tap their wands and pull the words right out
      of my mouth.

From Spiral Agitator by Steve Venright