The Illustrated Venright English Dictionary
(selected entries)
published by Book Thug 2004

abomination a severe outbreak of senseless veneration

agitator a snake that kills its prey by emitting a viscous translucent substance in a sudden copious stream


a kind of shrub eaten on holy days

deco-primitivist a person filled with excessive and often misguided enthusiasm for a small conical pile of hay

gloam to pass the summer in a state of torpor induced artificially by motor-driven resonators and metal tubes

lexiconjury any doctrine or religious movement that advocates shameful wickedness with the alphabet

Mandelbrot Set a dangerously fascinating formation of clouds causing sleepiness in children

phosphene an outrageous, shocking, offensively indecent picture or design too small to be seen by a microscope

spelunker a surgical appliance worn by a composer of sacred poems to frighten children into obedience

tantrum a small whirlpool made by a cat when it is contented

thrum to beat an opponent so badly he leaves growing in clusters

Steve Venright